juli 15th, 2017

3 main things I know now I am 25


Last Saturday on July 8 it was my big 25th birthday. I did not post anything about it on social media just because. I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy the day and also because I forgot hehe.

But let’s cut right to the case. In this post I wanted to tell you what I have learned in the 25 years that I am on this earth.


Quality over Quantity

When I say this I am talking about the people that you surround yourself with. When I was a teenager I really cared about how many friends I had and if people would like me for who I am. Now that I am 25 I have a few friends that I really trust and I could care less what people think about me. Because of this there is less drama in my life.


Get out of your comfort zone

Personally I am a very shy girl if I don’t know you.. I know my friends would say otherwise hehe. But back in the days I did not really had the guts to talk to strangers and I would get all sweaty when I would come in a situation where I would have to socialize with people I did not know. The last couple of years I have made it a job for me to get out of my comfort zone and socialize more with people that are not in my immediate circle.


Care less

I used to care a lot about who liked me or if I had enough friends or even if I could do something that was out of my comfort zone. Now that is totally different. My mentallity now is: if you don’t like me I don’t care. That’s life and not everybody will like you for who you are. I’m already happy with the people that do like me, and career wise if I am doing something out of my comfort zone I stress less and just DO IT!



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