mei 8th, 2017

Men sweater

It has been a very long long time that I have posted something on my blog, and I know that I said that I would post more.. Life has just a way of catching up on you and with that I have to admit that I was a little bit lazy and just out of it.

The past weeks/month I have just been working, hanging out with friend and family, and I was also busy with my photography. I did not really felt like blogging. I also feel like I should not post something just to stay relevant or just to post something you know.. The content that I post should be good and my head has to be in the right space.

But enough about that, lets jump to this outfit. I am just the type of girl that love sweaters, especially from the men section. I don’t know what it is, but they suit me better and are just so damn comfortable. This sweater I have bought on a impulse, because I was wearing a little less than I should have been wearing on a day that I thought the weather would be great.  Damn you Holland! hehe. This sweater is now one of my faves and every time I don’t know what to wear I just throw this one on and I am ready to go.
I have thrown this sweater on top of  a dress blouse and I really liked how it looked. Paired it with some ripped denim and my sneakers to make it a nice casual outfit for a walk in the city.

Wearing: H&m blouse, sweater(men) and denim – Adidas sneakers




Photography website

Photography website


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